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The Swale Arts Forum have just our shop for 3 months - got the keys Thurs 8th sept and we are in there selling!!!

Our group is made up of various artist many performing. We bought a PRS license £96 for 3 months so we can play live music and artists DVD and Cds spontaneously within our premises,

But now I have been informed by Swale Borough Council that we also need a premises license which is an additional £100 to perform within the shop. Is this true?

and does anyone know what licence we need to perform spontaneously and randomly on the streets?

The council knows what we want to do but each person I speak to tells us different information!

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Hi Sioux

Thank you for putting your query up on the Forum. I have twit sent this on and will push to get sme answers for you!


Hi Sioux. Have put this out to various people for their thoughts. I can't check as our internet is down till tomorrow but I think if you have under 50 people attending and the music is not being amplified you don't need a license. Will have a scout round for people you can talk to and get back to you...

Since posting this I have found and sent these links to SBC



then got a reply from SBC which said

Please see the link for information . Schedule 1, Part 1 explains the general definitions and part 2A relates to your application as even an audience of 1 will count. Please note 2C - re view to making profit which i know you are not, is only where part 2A and 2B aren't taken into consideration.

The information shown on DirectGov is wrong in respects of the advertising quote - which we have checked with other local authorities due to the actual Licensing Act 2003 not mentioning this anywhere, and we will now be raising this at our next Steering Group meeting.


Any further thoughts out there



more updates phoned everyone I knew today

 then phoned who where extremely helpful

Voluntary Arts England - T: 0191 230 4464 E:

They sent me this under briefings

Basically You need a premises license @£100 if you want to perform music in a shop! for more than 3 days (its a TENS otherwise@£21)

it needs to be applied for at least 28 days in advance and you must also advertise it in the local paper at an additional cost

and send it to loads of heads of departments your local council will tell you I am sure as ours has.

If anyone knows what we can do let me know


No point us getting a licence now as we are already 6 days into the project and by the time the licences comes in we will have finished! So it will be a quite space to contemplate!


PS nearly forgot the Licensing laws and schedule one are being looked at now so this might not be the case in a couple of months


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